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The Thor™ Bullets do not require a plastic sabot or patching of any kind. What does this mean for the shooter? It means that you have less fouling or plastic residue leftover in your barrel after discharge. The decreased residue leads to more accurate groupings and reduces the need to clean between shots.



The all-copper Barnes X Bullet, has greatly influenced contemporary rifle and pistol ammunition. In the 25 years since the X Bullet’s 1989 introduction, big-game hunters have come to expect previously unattainable levels of penetration, expansion and weight retention, factors that add up to superior terminal ballistics. Pistol and tactical shooters now have X Bullets to call their own, and several major ammunition and bullet producers have piled on the copper-bullet bandwagon.


Thor™ Bullets are the only true full bore conical on the market. This means that if you shoot a .50 caliber muzzleloader, you can now shoot a true .50 caliber bullet! This makes the bullet legal in states where a .50 caliber minimum bullet is required. These full bore bullets allow for greater velocities when compared to belted bullets, such as PowerBelt. Thor™ bullets actually shoot 75-100 FPS faster than comparable bullets, due to their superb sealing power. The better the seal, the greater the velocity, the greater the accuracy.


Thor™ Bullets are constructed for 99.95% copper alloy which makes them legal for big game hunting in all 50 US States including California.  The other advantage of the Thor™ copper bullets is the ability for the copper to expand and seal when the powder is ignited. The copper has the ability to obfuscate and create a premium gas seal with little to no blowback, leading to greater velocities, increased accuracy and increased kinetic energy exhorted on the target.



The Thor™ Bullets have some of the best retention results on the market. These bullets will mushroom and not fragment into a million pieces upon impact. Providing you the hunter larger entry and exit wounds and easy to track blood trails. These copper bullets may be lighter than traditional lead bullets, but they are also harder. This means that they are less prone to fragmenting. Many lead core bullets deliver a quick blow to big game animals, but they do so at the cost of lead fragmenting throughout the wound tract. This can taint the harvested meat and organs, which later on may be consumed by humans or scavenging wildlife.