How we started


Terry Oertwig, created and patented Thor Bullets in 2007. Since that time Thor Bullets have made a reputation for great quality and precision accuracy. Thor was built on the pursuit of designing a superior full bore diameter in-line muzzleloader bullet that is second to none!

Why Thor?


Thor Bullets are manufactured on the Barnes ___ platform. These bullets are known for incredible accuracy and unparalleled expansion. Building Thor Bullets this way guarantees a superior performing bullet with expansion and penetration that will leave you breathless.



"The .501 works best for me. If you are looking for a quality conical that seals both the rifling and the bore, plus won’t fragment into a zillion pieces, this bullet is definitely the way to go!" - Brian Winbush


"Best muzzleloader bullet on the market in my opinion. A quality solid copper Barnes bullet especially when paired with Blackhorn 209 powder provides an accurate hard hitting round and noticeably reduced smoke and fouling when compared with other combinations. Take the time to order the sizing pack to determine the proper diameter for your rifle, replace that nasty pyrodex with Blackhorn powder and enjoy the difference." - Hugh Jetter


"The bullet hit the 9 point Whitetail in the chest came out liver area , left a large hole, the buck bleed out 4 sec. 30 yard at a full run, fell down dead!!!" - Derrick Coleman


Thor, Inc.

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Email: sales@thorbullets.com

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