Our Mission

To design and produce a superior full bore diameter in-line muzzle loader bullet that customers want to shoot!

Terry Oertwig, founder and owner of OPG Gun Ventures, LLC is an avid sportsman who has several patents in the shooting industry and several pending. His goal is to bring to market new products and innovations to the hunting industry that everyone can afford. The quest for a better muzzle loader bullet began in 2005, filing for the patent in 2006 and receiving the patent April 24, 2007. Being a reloader for 30 years who has tested many bullets, the choice of Barnes Bullets was easy, a superior performing bullet with an expansion and penetration design second to none.

Mr. Oertwig has shot over 15000 rounds through his muzzle loaders, testing, guns, bullets and powders.

The “Thor” bullet design of –bore specific- is to insure ease of loading and accuracy in an all copper bullet. As in every case there are some guns that will be more accurate than others, there are some guns that shoot the 250 grain better than the 300 and visa-versa. We now offer the G-G System bullets (Gophers – Grizzlies) they are sabotted bullets designed to reduce recoil but still remain effective and lethal to 100+ yards. We also offer custom rifles that expand the FPS and flexibility of the weapon. Example the these rifles will shoot the 100 grain aluminum at ~3000+ FPS or the Thor 247,250,300 grain bullets at 2000+ FPS or a 500 grain copper sabotted bullet at 1500 +FPS, all accurately.


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